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Vegan Egg Replacer

Baking Addition

175 g

  • About Me

    There’s your average egg replacer and then there’s me; the Spotty Egg Replacer.


    I’m made from only natural ingredients like organic chia flour. Sounds scrumptious right?


    And let’s face it, while I’m usually attributed to being used by my vegan friends, I’m the perfect sneaky little guest in your banana bread for those who are gluten and soy intolerant... and for those who aren’t won’t even know I’m making a guest appearance.


    Happy days!


    While you’re here to buy banana bread baking mixes, I’ll have you know that I’m also perfect for all of your baking pursuits such as cakes, cookies and those wanna-be cakes….known as muffins.


    Also, I go the distance as I make 25 eggs.

  • How to make me?

    To make one of me (one egg):

    Place 1 tablespoon (7g) of vegan egg replacer into a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of room temperature water (approx 30mls). Stir with a fork or whisk for about 30 seconds, until mixture is well combined with no lumps.

    Use the egg replacer mixture as you would a real egg in all your baking recipes.

    For best results, always add the egg to your liquid ingredients and combine well, before adding dry ingredients.

  • Ingredients

    I’m made from premium natural & certified organic ingredients including: 


    Organic Rice and Gluten Free Flours

    Faba plant protein for the perfect rise in your baked products  

    Aluminium free baking powder.


    The full list of my ingredients are here: 


    Organic rice flour, faba plant protein, organic chia flour, green banana flour, cellulose fibre, baking powder (aluminium free).

    Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, lupin, sesame and
    tree nuts.

  • Nutrition

    Servings per package: 25
    Serving size: 7g
    Avg. Qty. per servingAvg. Qty. per 100g Dry Mix
    Energy92 kJ (22 Cal)1310 kJ (313 Cal)
    Protein, total1.5 g21.0 g
    - gluten0 mg0 mg
    Fat, total0.2 g2.3 g
    - saturated0.0 g0.3 g
    Carbohydrate3.0 g42.3 g
    - sugars0.0 g0.1 g
    Sodium4 mg57 mg
    Dietary fibre1.3 g19.1 g

  • FAQ's

    When do you add me to your baking? 

    To get the best out of me, always add the egg mixture to your liquid ingredients and combine well. Then add the dry ingredients. 

    Bake for an extra 10 minutes:

    Finding that I’m not cooked quite to perfection in your banana loaf? 

    Pop me in for an extra ten minutes. 

    Are you good to use as scrambled eggs and custards?


    While I’m super talented I’m best used for baking the likes of cakes, loaves, cookies & muffins. 

    Please do not use me to make scrambled or boiled eggs or custards….trust me it won’t turn out well at all.

    Do I make the banana bread crumbly?

    According to my reviewers, no! That’s the great thing about me - my creators worked hard to make sure I’m the ‘non crumbly’ version of egg replacer so you can enjoy a great tasting banana bread without the crumble!  

    Where am I made? 

    I’m a little Aussie, made in Sydney. 

    How do you store me? 

    I like my pantry dark and moody, so store me in a cool dry place.

Vegan Egg Replacer

Vegan Egg Replacer

I’m perfect for you because;

I blend in

Like the real thing, I make your baking pursuits light and airy.

Friendly to all

I’m good for those who are soy and gluten intolerant, Vegans and for those who aren’t, won’t know!

Nothing fake about me

I’m made from natural ingredients so I’m just making your banana bread even better!

Love it!

"Love the crispy crust, gentle crumb and homemade taste. This is the only pre-mix we have ever thought is comparable with something homemade."

- Kathryn

"This was as close to proper cafe-style banana bread as I've ever made at home! It honestly couldn't be more simple or more delicious."

- Liz


Hero Ingredients

Organic Flours

We use the very best organic flours to create our beautiful banana breads. Our unique blend of premium flours ensure you get a consistent taste across the whole Spotty range.

Faba Protein

I’m a premium plant based protein grown and processed in Victoria, Australia. I’m the vegan friendly protein that rates the best for taste, texture and smell!

Green Banana Flour

We love spreading the word that no bananas should be left behind! Our Green Banana Flour is packed full of nutrition and is the perfect way to ensure that imperfect bananas get a second chance in our delicious banana breads :)


Full Ingredient Glossary


New Zealand rainwater. Mostly used as a solvent in which it dissolves many of the ingredients used to impart skin benefits.


Acts as a solvent to help dissolve the fragrance oils into the water.


Derived from sugar beet, it helps the skin retain moisture by reducing TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss) and creating a stronger skin barrier; this allows the skin to rehydrate itself quickly.

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate

A derivative of vitamin c, this supercharged antioxidant helps protect the skin against photo damage of the skin including premature ageing; keeping it looking fresh and healthy.

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